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Flu Vaccines

Has your child had their flu jab?  If not, the alternative injectable vaccine is now available.


We’re now well into flu season. Flu affects our immune system, making it easier for us to contract other infections, like COVID-19 or pneumonia, and can make other long-term illnesses worse. 


It’s not true that all flu vaccinations contain pork gelatine. The injectable vaccines, which are mainly offered to adults, DO NOT contain pork products. The nasal spray vaccine, which is offered to children, DOES contain pork products. This is the most effective vaccine, however, parents can request the alternative injectable vaccine for the first time this year because of the seriousness of the health crisis.


IntraHealth have provided the following information on clinics for eligible school children (Primary School and year 7) whose parents have declined the nasal flu due to porcine gelatine content.


Blackburn Empire Theatre, Aqueduct Rd Blackburn BB2 4HT Saturday 5th and Saturday 12th December 2020 for the injectable alternative.


Parents need to contact the team on 03333583397 Option 5 for an appointment which at present are the 5th or 12th December 9am to 4pm