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Story Time

Story time is held approximately every two weeks in Nursery. Parents and Carers are invited to the session for their child's Key Person Group. Story time is led by the Key Person who will share a story / other text with the group. You will be able to see how the story / text is read and the kinds of activities we do in Nursery. After story time, you will also be able to choose a book from the school library to take home and share with your child.

Invitations to Story time will be sent out by your child's Key Person on paper and a reminder will be sent as a text message using the Teachers 2 Parents App. 

Story time is a lovely, enjoyable event in Nursery and we want as many parents to join us as possible. If you are unable to join us due to work commitments, we would be happy for you to send another family member in your place. Younger siblings are always welcome to join us for Story times.


Here are some of the comments from parents who have attended sessions recently:


"Enjoyed the session. Loved how the children were all involved. Teacher is fab. Keep it up!"


"Very interactive with both parents and child."


"It was good being part of story time with my child."


"Enjoyed being a part of story time."