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This information guides you through the steps to take if you are struggling to log into the SchoolMoney system.  Usually when this happens, it is because you are receiving the message Invalid Login Details.


  1. Make sure that you are selecting the SchoolMoney Parent Login option when signing in.  If you are being asked for a username and password, you have selected the incorrect login option.
  2. Check that your mobile number and email address you are putting in are the same as in School/Money (school software).
  3. Request the school resend your password and ensure that it is entered exactly how it has been sent ie all in lowercase. Some phone/devices can automatically capitalise the first letter in a new box so watch out for this.  If you have reset your password, request that the school reset link again and write down the password so that you remember it.
  4. Make sure you are entering your child’s first name only.
  5. Do not autocomplete any of the details. Details need to be typed in from scratch.
  6. Clear your history/cache from the device you are using (if you search how to do this on the internet it will give you instructions for your device/browser).
  7. If not successful try a different devise/browser
  8. Ensure that you are not keeping the website up in the background on your phone. All browsers/apps/webpages must be closed to enable you to go through the website fresh each time instead of just selecting a page that is already open.
  9. If you are getting a different error message or are still struggling after going through the above steps, please screenshot the login page and send it via

e-mail to school.