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School Readiness

At Ashworth Nursery School we recommend that children work on the following skills at home in order to prepare them for transition to primary school:


I will be ready for school when…..

How can you support me to do this?

I can put on my own coat and fasten it.

  • Hold my hood and encourage me to put my arms in sleeves.
  • Put the hood on my head so I can do the rest.
  • Show me where to position my hands to use my zip.

I can go to the toilet by myself and wash my hands afterwards.

  • Let’s play a game where we teach a favourite toy how to use the toilet.
  • Let me choose my own underwear in the shops.
  • Give me plenty of praise when I go to the toilet and wipe all by myself.
  • Let me watch you wash your hands and tell you what to do next.

I can confidently say goodbye when I am left with an adult that I know will look after me.

  • Leave me with familiar adults for short periods of time.
  • Let me talk to your friends whilst you are there.
  • Take me to visit my new teacher and meet all the adults working in my new class.

I have made good friends and can happily talk to other children and adults.

  • Take me to Toddler and Children Centre groups.
  • Let me play with other children in the park and on outings.
  • Let me talk to other adults when you are there.

I can share and take turns in a group.

  • Play games with me where I have to wait until it’s my go.
  • Make sure I take turns at the park and on outings.
  • Talk to me about why I need to share my toys.

I can sit and listen for a short while.

  • Read stories to me and look at books.
  • Let’s listen to songs together and sing.
  • Play hide and seek games where I listen to your instructions.

I can answer a simple question about a story.

  • When we are sharing a story ask me about how it might end.
  • Ask me about the different pictures I can see on each page.

I can tidy up after myself and look after my things.

  • Show me where things are kept so I know where to put them back.
  • Play tidy up games with me.
  • Let’s tidy up and clean together.

I am happy to speak to others about my wants, needs and feelings.

  • Read books like Owl Babies and Peace at Last so we can talk about how the different characters are feeling.
  • Ask me how I am feeling.
  • Tell me how you are feeling.

I can follow simple instructions.

  • Play games with me like find the teddy where I have to follow your instructions.
  • Teach me how to make a sandwich saying first get the bread etc. …
  • Let’s follow some instructions to bake a cake.

I can re-tell a past event (something that has happened to me).

  • Ask me if I remember certain dates/experiences.
  • Show me photographs and let me talk about what I remember.
  • Let’s make a scrap book after we go on day trips so I can look back and remember.

I can feed myself and enjoy a range of healthy foods.

  • Teach me to use a knife, fork, and spoon and make sure I don’t just eat with my hands.
  • Provide a variety of meals so I can experience a range of foods.
  • Let me help you prepare meals so I can talk about foods and you can teach me new things.

I can dress and undress myself as well as putting on and taking off my shoes.

  • Show me my new school uniform and let me practice buttons and zips.
  • Show me how to take off my clothes and put them in a pile on the chair ready for PE lessons.
  • Buy me some velcro fastening shoes that I can put on and take off my myself.

I can follow rules at home and nursery and I will be able to do this at school.

  • Make sure I know what I am allowed to do and not allowed to do.
  • Tell me boundaries and make sure I keep to them.
  • Let’s make some house rules together.

I enjoy listening to stories and singing rhymes.

  • Read me a bedtime story before bed.
  • Sing songs with me and rhymes that I can make actions to like ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ and ‘wind the bobbin up’ etc.
  • Make up stories whilst we are walking so I can listen to them and tell you one too.

I can hold a pencil and enjoy making marks.

  • Let me peg out the washing.
  • Let’s play with play dough so I can use my finger muscles.
  • Let’s draw pictures on the path and paving stones with chunky chalks.


As well as the above skills, at school we will be specifically focusing on the following skills:


  • Building attention span
  • Turn taking & sharing
  • Developing spoken language and vocabulary
  • Forming and building friendships
  • Participating in all aspects of the school day (i.e. singing, dancing, group games and activities)
  • Listening and following directions from adults
  • Following the classroom routine
  • Physical development
  • Creative skills
  • Joining in discussions about the world around us
  • Letter and pre-reading skills (such as recognising letter sounds)
  • Number, pre-mathematics & reasoning skills (such as recognising numbers, shapes, one more than/less than, counting in sequence)



Am I ready for school? - Tips for parents

Have a look at the Ready for School display in our cloakroom to see some of the work we have been doing to get ready for school.