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What our parents say about us

At Ashworth Nursery School, we work closely with parents and carers in order to support your child in the best way possible. We invite parents / carers to give us feedback at regular intervals throughout the year to help us improve and to help us know how we can support you more. 

Please do speak to a member of staff if you wish to pass on any feedback or have any questions.

Spring term 24 Parent Questionnaire data

Parent voice - what our parents say about Ashworth Nursery School:

"I love everything about this nursery."

"Thank you so much for everything, there has been an enormous improvement in my child's speech, thanks for all the support."

"Well done to all the staff for doing an exceptional job! Happy to choose this nursery."

"I'm really happy with everything."

"I'm very happy with this school."

"As a Father, I felt very happy about my daughter's improvement. I think this is the best nursery in Blackburn. I really appreciate nursery staff members."

"My child is happy in this school. I feel my child is safe in this school."

"I am happy with my child's progress."

"My child enjoys coming to nursery and regularly talks about it at home."

"I am very happy with my child's progress. The teacher explained very well about how he's doing at nursery."

"Brilliant nursery and amazing helpful staff."


What our parents would like to see us improve on:

"More information regarding my child on Tapestry."