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  • I love nursery, I have good friends, I like playing with play-doh, making things like the Rainbow Fish with sparkly things.  I love group time because I get to talk a lot and see new things and learn a lot.  I liked the farm trip.
  • I like playing outside, I like the trampoline and climbing.  I like group time because we do lots and lots of stuff and good counting.
  • I like playing cars, sandpit, play-doh, painting, dinosaurs.  I like group time because we do a lot of jobs.
  • Play-doh, making things, playing in the sand.  I like playing in the mud kitchen outside and riding the bikes.  I like feeling I am good in group time.
  • Water play, sand, cars and looking at all the books.  I  really like group time because we do the weather, days of the week, talking, counting and laughing.
  • I like playing with the play-doh, sand and sand pit outside.  I play with the cars, I like playing in the water and singing.  I like talking about lots of things in group time.
  • Playing in the sand, cars and riding bikes and scooters outside.  I like group time and talking.
  • I like playing with my friends, with the big truck and things made out of cardboard box.
  • I like playing on the whiteboard, playing outside and painting lots of pictures for my Mummy.
  • I like 'In the Night Garden', I like reading In the Night Garden book, I like apple at snack time, I like opening and closing the doors.