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What families say about us

Please have a read through some of our amazing comments from parents:


  • The Headteacher is an amazing lady I really like her.  They are all very supportive.
  • The staff are all approachable and have always got a smile on their faces and very welcoming.  I feel I can talk to every member of staff and if I did have any concerns I could talk to them.
  • Cannot praise the staff enough, really happy with the nursery
  • Very good staff, very helpful.  Thank you a lot.
  • Ashworth nursery is fantastic.  The staff are friendly and caring, the nursery itself is an amazing place for children to learn.
  • Thank you the management and staff for their great effort and work.
  • Nursery is very good, my child has learnt good speaking and listening.
  • I love sending both my children to Ashworth Nursery.  The quality of care and education is outstanding.  Thank you for all your hard work and support.
  • I am happy with everything about this nursery.  Keep doing what you’re doing its fantastic.