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Summer Term

Themes 2019/2020

Date Theme Book of the Week
20th April - 1st May 



The Tiny Seed
Jack and the Beanstalk

4th - 15th May


At the Farm and Pets


Farmyard Stories
I Love Animals, I want a Pet

18th - 22nd May




Samira's Eid


1st  - 12th June   






The Hungry Caterpillar
The Bad Tempered Ladybird


15th - 19th June


Father's Day


My Dad is brilliant

Best Daddy in all the World

22nd - 26th June


People Who Help Us


People who help us books


29th June - 10th July


Seaside and Under the Sea and Pirates


Rainbow Fish,
Commotion in the Ocean


13th - 17th July Transitions First Time - School


Verbs of the Week

20th April - 22nd May 2020

Week 1 - Grow

Week 2 - Plant

Week 3 - Care, Caring

Week 4 - Strokes

Week 5 - Celebrate



1st June - 17th July 2020

Week 1 - Wiggle

Week 2 - Fly

Week 3 - Wave

Week 4 - Help

Week 5 - Splash

Week 6 - Float

Week 7 - Move