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Spring Term

Themes 2020/2021


Theme Book of the Week

Buster gets dressed

We're going on a Bear Hunt (core book)



My first look at shapes

Rosie Rabbit's Shapes

Fairy Tales



Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Gingerbread Man


Chinese New Year



Dragon Dance

Clever Sticks





The Train Ride (core book)

The Wheels on the Bus


We Love Stories and World Book Day




The Hungry Caterpillar (core book)

Whatever Next
The Enormous Pancake



I Love Mummy




Where's my Mummy?
I want my Mum

My Mum


Traditional Tales (Spring) Jack and the Beanstalk
Oh Dear!

Spring and Easter


Peppa Pig's Nature Trail

Daisy and the Egg

Come on Daisy (core book)


Verb of the week

Week 1 - Melt

Week 2 - Freeze

Week 3 - Dance

Week 4 - Cut

Week 5 - Sleep

Week 6 - Dance

Week 7 - Drive

Week 8 - Turn

Week 9 - Read

Week 10 - Love

Week 11 - Live