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Spring Term

Themes 2019/2020


Date Theme Book of the Week

6th - 17th January   

Winter Buster gets dressed
20th - 24th January  

Chinese New Year


Dragon Dance

Clever Sticks

27th - 31st January





My first look at shapes

Rosie Rabbit's Shapes


3rd - 13th


Fairy tales



Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Gingerbread Man


24th - 28th February 




The Train Ride

The Wheels on the Bus


2nd - 13th March




We Love Stories and World Book Day




The Hungry Caterpillar

Whatever Next
The Enormous Pancake



16th - 20th




I Love Mummy




Where's my Mummy?
I want my Mum

My Mum


23rd March -
3rd April

Spring and Easter


Peppa Pig's Nature Trail

Jack and the Beanstalk

Oh Dear!

Daisy and the Egg


Verb of the week

From 6th January - 13th February 2020

Week 1 - Melt

Week 2 - Freeze

Week 3 - Dance

Week 4 - Cut

Week 5 - Sleep

Week 6 - Dance



From 24th February - 3rd April 2020

Week 1 - Drive

Week 2 - Turn

Week 3 - Read

Week 4 - Love

Week 5 - Live

Week 6 - Hop