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All our staff have received training and are keen to support our families in achieving the very best outcomes for healthy lifestyles.


Our snack menu no longer includes cake and biscuits as we are advised that children should “snack on fruit and/ or vegetables between meals.” We have a  four week rolling snack menu (please see below). The choice of milk or water will continue as this is part of the guidance.


We are aware that in the past, parents/carers have very kindly brought in sweets, chocolates or cake to celebrate their child’s birthday. We are ask all parents/carers to support us and refrain from sending these items in to school.


Ashworth Nursery has a long standing tradition of celebrating every child’s birthday by baking a cake, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and sharing the cake. We are keen to continue to teach every child the skills of baking and the importance of sharing a celebration. We are pleased to inform you that this tradition will continue but the cake will be sent home for family members to share.


Thank you for your continued support.