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At Ashworth Nursery School we believe that being a competent mathematician is a prerequisite for progressing into quality jobs, further education and helping with everyday life too. Our intent is to ensure our pedagogy and approach support the key levers for success set out in 'Improving Mathematics in Early Years and Key Stage 1' produced by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF):


  1. We develop staff understanding of how children learn mathematics through high quality Continued Professional Development (CPD).
  2. We dedicate time for children to learn mathematics and integrate mathematics throughout the day.
  3. We use manipulatives and representations to develop understanding.
  4. We ensure that our teaching builds on what children already know.
  5. We use high quality targeted support and small groups to help all children learn mathematics.  


For more information, please see the summary guidance below.

Improving Mathematics in the Early Years and Key Stage 1