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Learning Journeys


Each child belongs to a Key Worker group and their Key Worker is responsible for keeping a record of their progress in a Learning Journey file.


Staff keep ongoing records of children’s progress and achievements.  Samples of the children’s work, observations and photographs are placed in the Learning Journey and we encourage parents to contribute to this so we can include their in-depth knowledge of their child and their experiences outside of Nursery.  


Staff make observations of the children as they play and use these observations to identify the learning involved and to plan the child's next steps. The information gathered in the Learning Journeys is used on a termly basis to inform our assessments and to support us in planning the next steps in children's learning.  


In addition, a formal document indicating the children’s progress, in-line with the Early Learning Goals, is passed from the Nursery when the children begin primary school. Both these records are available to be shared with parents informally at any time and also during the parent partnership meetings. 


Parents are welcome to contribute to their child's Learning Journeys by emailing in information to the Office or by speaking to the child's Key Worker.  




We use Target Tracker software to keep informed about what your child is doing in school.


Target Tracker Link is a secure online system we use to share observations of your child that you can access easily online. These observations are part of our regular ongoing assessment and help record your child’s learning.  We can also set up other relatives, such as grandparents, with access to your child’s observations at your request.


In order to access Target Tracker Link, you will need to have an email address. When your child starts at Ashworth Nursery School, you will receive emails to help you set up a password, login and to notify you when observations have been added. You will get an email from containing details about how to login to your Target Tracker Link account and see observations for your child. Please check your email account carefully, including your spam/junk folder in case this email is directed there.


To ensure the appropriate safety measures are in place for all the children, we trust that you understand that you should not take the photographs from Target Tracker Link to use on any social media sites, particularly where other pupils appear in photographs. 


We look forward to sharing observations with you and hope you enjoy using Target Tracker Link.


If you require any help or support with using the Target Tracker Link, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.