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First Aid

First Aiders


All teachers and teaching assistants are Paediatric First Aid trained. The Office Manager is trained in First Aid at Work.



Accident book


If your child has an accident during a session this will be recorded in the Accident book.  Parents/carers are informed of any accidents to their children and will be asked to sign the accident book to show they have been informed. 


School also has Accident Logs to record ‘incoming injuries’ that have happened before school.  Parents/carers will be politely asked to record details of any injuries and the log be electronically signed by staff to show they have been informed.


If your child has an accident which requires hospital treatment, we will immediately try to contact you or your emergency contacts. If necessary, we will call an ambulance or transport your child to the hospital by car. You will be informed of any incident.





Prescribed medicines can be administered providing the relevant forms at school have been completed and signed by a parent/carer.  Prescribed medication such as antibiotics will only be given if a medication form has been completed and signed by you, and if it is not possible for these medicines to be given at home due to the timings needed.  Medication must be brought in in its original packaging, named and dated with instructions to confirm it has been prescribed.


Please note: Only named prescribed medication will be given in school