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Autumn Term

Themes - 2020/2021

Theme Book of the week

Colour and Pattern


Brown Bear (core book)

All About Me



Peace at Last
You and me little Bear

Spot at School, Lulu's Busy Day

Traditional Tales (Autumn)


Little Red Hen

Magic Porridge Pot

Road Safety


The Train Ride (core book)
Topsy and Tim have new bikes

Autumn and Bonfire Night

Noisy Fire Engine

Autumn and Diwali and Children in Needs

Lighting a Lamp

Gigantic Turnip
Whatever the Weather


Super Daisy
Super Kid



A Quiet Night In,

Hug (core book)

Light and Dark


Daisy and the Moon,
Owl Babies

Christmas and Nativity


The First Christmas, Noisy Christmas, Maisie's Christmas


Verb of the week

Week 1 - Sit, Sat, Sitting

Week 2 - Listen, Listening, Listened

Week 3 - Jump

Week 4 - Run

Week 5 - Crawl

Week 6 - Cry
Week 7 - Stop, Look, Listen

Week 8 - Crack

Week 9 - Dance

Week 10 - Crunch

Week 11 - Rescue

Week 12 - Touch

Week 13 - Shine
Week 14 - Share

Week 15 - Give