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Autumn Term

Themes - 2019/2020


Theme Book of the week

3rd  - 13th September

Colour and Pattern


Brown Bear

16th - 27th September


All About Me



Peace at Last
You and me little Bear

Spot at School, Lulu's Busy Day

30th September - 11th October


My Family and Babies


No room for a Baby Roo,
Topsy and Tim and the New Baby

14th - 18th October


Road Safety


The Train Ride,
Topsy and Tim have new bikes

29th October -
1st November



Autumn and Diwali




Lighting a Lamp

Gigantic Turnip
Whatever the Weather


4th - 8th November


Autumn and Bonfire Night

Noisy Fire Engine


11th -
22nd November


Children in Need and Superheroes


Super Daisy
Super Kid


25th November -
29th November



A Quiet Night In,

2nd - 6th December


Light and Dark


Daisy and the Moon,
Owl Babies

9th - 20th  December


Christmas and Nativity


The First Christmas, Noisy Christmas, Maisie's Christmas


Verb of the week

From 3rd September - 18th October 2019

Week 1 - Sit, Sat, Sitting

Week 2 - Listen, Listening, Listened

Week 3 - Jump

Week 4 - Run

Week 5 - Crawl

Week 6 - Cry
Week 7 - Stop, Look, Listen


From 29th October - 20th December 2019

Week 1 - Crack

Week 2 - Dance

Week 3 - Crunch

Week 4 - Rescue

Week 5 - Touch

Week 6 - Shine
Week 7 - Share

Week 8 - Give