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Excellent attendance at Ashworth Nursery School for all children is required and expected. As a maintained Nursery School, we adhere to the local and national attendance expectation of 97%. All children's attendance is monitored and subsequently challenged if this falls below the expected 97%, and our school has a clear system in place to challenge persistent absenteeism. 


We know good attendance is essential if children are to be settled and take full advantage of the learning and development opportunities available to them at nursery school. We recognise that attending school regularly has a positive impact on learning and progress and therefore the best life chances for children. When children are absent from school, they miss out on lots of fun activities and can find it difficult to settle, to become involved, and to form social relationships. At a young age, continuity and consistency are important contributors to a child’s well-being and progress.


Regular and punctual attendance is paramount so that all children have full access to the curriculum. Valuable learning time is lost when children are absent or late, and children who arrive late can sometimes disrupt the routine of the classroom and the work/progress of others. Regular attendance and punctuality help to instil good habits for the future and promote the development of a positive attitude towards school.


Parents will be provided with details of their child’s attendance through half termly attendance letters, showing the previous half terms attendance percentage. The letters are colour coded:

GREEN letter - 97%+ (good attendance)

AMBER letter- 91-96% (cause for concern)

RED letter- Below 90% (poor attendance)


Children are awarded Gold and Silver certificates for good attendance every half term. Children receiving their attendance awards will have their photos taken and displayed in the school website gallery.


100% Weekly attendance certificates are also awarded. Children receiving attendance awards will have their photos taken and displayed in the school website gallery.


We also have a very special award for 100% attendance for the full academic year.


For more information about the importance of attendance, please see our attendance policy.