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Comments and Feedback for 2016 - 2017

Below is a selection of parent/carers comments from the 2016-2017 academic year


  • Ashworth Nursery has been fantastic throughout my child's nursery life.  Outstanding staff, teaching and learning which reflects from the amazing displays throughout the classroom.  Thank you to all the staff


  • I like your nursery, teachers all very kind, my older children want to come back, they loved the nursery staff.
    I am very happy, my son because he has grown up a lot and listening now, good help at home and gets dressed and undressed all by himself; the Headteacher is always happy and very helpful. Everyone says its the best nursery.  Nursery have helped me a lot.  He is good with numbers and wants to write letters.  I am very happy with everyone at nursery and my sons says he likes Mrs Edwards.


  • I am very grateful to the teachers for their help with my baby, she has made a lot of progress; very very pleased and grateful; she's ready for school and I thank you so so much.


  • It has been great, the nursery is great, staff are all very friendly and helpful.  My son knows how to share, very pleased; he can talk and say how he feels and if anything upsets him.  He is very ready for school.


  • I am very happy with my child's progress, she is very chatty at home, talking to her sister in English. She has also made lovely friends which will be good when she starts school.


  • My child's English is much better, she enjoys nursery and is ready for school


  • He has learnt manners, his behavior has improved and is more independent.


  • Really happy with progress and attitude.  Have noticed a great change in behavior.  Academically she is progressing and showing abilities beyond her age. 


  • I am very happy.  My daughter learns so much things from nursery, and the best thing is the staff are really friendly in this nursery.  I learn lots of things from here.  Mrs Harries is the best, I learn so much from her.


  • My daughter has developed so much in all aspects of her development.  I have noticed this through her confidence and capabilities.  She loves coming to nursery and has built some lovely relationships with her peers and teachers.  Thank you again for your support and passion for her learning.


  • As always I am so happy with her progress.  I only have the teachers to thank for everything and how for she has come.  The staff go out of their way to help in every way they can.  I am so happy and forever grateful to the staff for giving my daughter the best start in life.  She will miss them all! She is flourishing in every way and I can't thank you enough.


  • Over time he has settled and matured so much at Nursery he now uses toilet unaided and does his own shoes and coat.  Speech has improved immensely and he knows lots of numbers and colours and learning to write his name.


  • We are very pleased with her development and we understand which areas we need to work on to help her settle into her new school.


  • I am very pleased with all the work she has done, she has confidence to talk and communicate. Very happy to all staff, thank you all very much.


  • My daughter has enjoyed coming to nursery and has learnt a lot and I have loved sending her to this nursery.  It's been a pleasure coming to this nursery and making friends with the staff and how the staff give time and put effort in the children's development.  Thank you.


  • I am very happy, she was shy before and she didn't talk to no one.  She is making good progress at nursery.


  • She has enjoyed her two years in nursery very much.  She came in as a very shy girl and over the two years she has gained a lot of confidence.  With the teaching and love from the teachers she is now a confident and happy child who is ready for school with the help off all the nursery teachers. Thank you very much.


  • Very pleased with my daughters progress in nursery.  She loves coming to nursery and playing with friends.  I feel my little girl is more than ready for school.  That is down to the staff helping my child to be the best that she can be.  I feel that nursery have given her the best foundation she needs to build her skills on.